Simeone Image Mix & Video Diary

Lee Simeone (drums) live in 2011 with the electro pop pioneer Karel Fialka (Vox, Synthesizers) Click for more info on Karel Fialka

.:.Oct.8th 2008 Simeone played support for Dr. Alex Patterson (The Orb)


Photos from Simeone @ The Situation Modern support for Dr. Alex Paterson (The Orb)

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^Simeone & Simon Gibson mastering @ Abbey Road Studios
for the 12" Still Life EP by Men at Work

Kevin Mooney (guitar) with SIMEONE Live @ St. Moritz, 2009

^Kevin Mooney (Ex - Adam & The Ants) guested on guitar for Lee Simeone @ St. Mortiz Club, London


Lee Simeone composed the music for a Rexel product advert
& supplied the sound fx.

Promotional video for STAR LANE taken from the forthcoming;
Best Seat in the Dream EP

.:.FULL FREE track 'Channeling Affection' from Best Seat In The Dream (2017)

An early demo from The Dream Weaver Mini-Album (2009)

SIMEONE @ Youtube

SIMEONE Videos @ Youtube (Music Channel)..