Lee Simeone is an independent artist, a self-taught musician who has had no formal training. He has mastered his own unique style in the electronic music scene as a composer, studio producer, vocalist, keyboardist & drummer. Simeone self produces & writes music taking deeper aspects of sounds and putting them into his own mold of recordings. Finding an interest in collections he had made of sounds in various combinations he started to write for film & library music. Simeone has worked for Rexel (ACCO Brands) composing & producing a score to a product advert for cinemas & online.

2017 sees the release of a new EP titled Best Seat In The Dream & was well received. Featuring ex- Cockney Rebel keyboardist Milton Reame-James. Lee used an array of outboard fx, analogue synthesizers & acoustic drums on the EP. It was self produced & mixed. Simeone also played most of the instruments himself. A full review can be found at the above link. ^

Igloo music magazine recently reviewed 'Best Seat In The Dream': "A fascinating collection of intricate compositions" [read the full review here]

Other production work has included making an appearance as an extra in the hit BBC series Ashes To Ashes along side pop and fashion guru Steve Strange. Simeone was dressed in authentic new romantic style clothing once used by Adam Ant.

In 2014 Lee secured a publishing contact with EMI/Sony ATV. This was to produce a tribute record Still Life EP in memory of the musician Greg Ham of Grammy award winning band Men at Work. Simeone remastered the tracks with Simon Gibson at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London. Proceeds of the record are being donated to the Turning Point charity in Sydney. To follow was a documentary film You Better Take Cover that Simeone co-produced with Australian producer Harry Hayes. The film surroundings the Kookaburra (song) plagiarism controversy. The film has been featured at the Manchester film festival & more recently at the Melbourne film festival.

Lee Simeone's professional recording career started with the release if his début album The Dream Weaver recorded in the summer of 2008 at The Mad Professor's Surrey Ariwa complex where Simeone rented studio space. A track from the album was featured in an artist's exhibition held by the world renowned Tate Modern gallery in London. Lee performed tracks from the album on a live show for The Orb's Dr. Alex Paterson, [click here to listen to a clip] The song 'Epica' features Kevin Mooney on bass (original bassist of Adam & The Ants) Simeone signed to his London based Le Coq Musique record label in the spring of 2008.

::Lee Simeone in the studio summer 2015 Best Seat In The Dream
NEW RE-PRESS Best Seat In The Dream
::Lee Simeone appeared in an episode of the hit BBC TV series 'Ashes To Ashes' ::Lee Simeone co-produced the documentary film on Men at Work - 'You Better Take Cover
::Lee Simeone co-produced the documentary film on Men at Work - 'You Better Take Cover'' color vinyl An Introduction To Simeone

The label's roster features collaborations with Adam Ant along with Renegade Soundwave front man Gary Asquith. Simeone has gone on to win an admirable measure of success in the music press Future Music who quoted "A huge sound here!" & more recently Rough Trade Records branded him a "wunderkind multi-instrumentalist". In 2011 Simeone released his second self produced album titled An Introduction To Simeone which was again met by rave reviews.

Igloo an electronic music magazine quoted: "The flashes of intimate excellence, which wind through each composition, are laden with infinite musings" [read the full review here]

Documentary Evidence a Mute Music site quoted: "These are songs that take cues and inspiration from classic noir cinema, blending a dark seam of mysteriousness with more plangent, introverted textures"

FMV magazine (Sep 2011) concluded "'Unique' is a difficult word to wield accurately and appropriately in music, but this epic 21-track album suggests Simeone may be able to stake a reasonable claim to it"

Simeone has been found collaborating with some of his biggest influences; the songwriter & guitarist Ron Strykert from the Grammy award winning band Men at Work, the eighties chart topper Karel Fialka who had two hit singles with The Eyes Have It! & Hey Matthew. Simeone also guested on drums for Fialka on his first ever tour in twenty years. Karel Fialka also joins Simeone for a track Today is Yesterday. The song is a reflective cinematographic journey with a Film Noir feel, guided by Karel Fialka's Hammer Horror pastiche. Maestro Simeone also performed in June 2012 to a packed crowd at the long established Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, followed up by an on-air session for London's Resonance fm.


Rough Trade “Lee Simeone is a wunderkind multi-instrumentalist who specialises in dark wave electro. Described as 'like Mozart with synths' one track from his debut album was recently used as an installation at the Tate Modern gallery”

Resonance 104.4fm (Dexter Bentley) “ A wonderful new album” | The live in-studio session by SIMEONE on Resonance fm has been archived for your listening pleasure & can be found @ Podcast Prt1 of 2 .

Future Music Magazine (summer '07) “A huge sound, could be something special here!”

17 Seconds Magazine quoted: "It is clear that he understands dark-wave, and also relishes working with some of the pioneers" [read the full review here]

Ascension Magazine (Italy) “Dear readers, right now I'm sure you're ready to skim frantically between the reviews to search for something again that you can satisfy your palates with, take a moment of pause… what we propose to you is an artist that is the medicinal one whom shall doc & ease our frenzy into reading, discovering and listen to. Here it is a double CD featuring this artist with other collaborators; Kevin Mooney (bassist of Sinead O'Connor and Adam & The Ants) and quell' as much mysterious Karel Fialka that in 1987 reached the peak of the standings with one of the strangest and ten-day like "Hey, Matthew". Why relax to this disc of Simeone? Because of his dark room atmosphere, between the experimentalism of King ' 80s and the modernisation of a sound never forgot, I'm sure you'll have a pleasant surprise & find this album interesting. It's the nineteen eighties with the technology & a little bit of travel to salto pseudo and pseudo-4AD-sound is the prescription recommended…”

Synth Magic (UK) “ Simeone's music is awesome - beautiful production too. An odyssey into a world of achingly beautiful electronica, ambience & catchy songs that are haunting, psychologically messy, joyous & sublime listened through a gloss of top production. Brilliant! We've named a preset sound after one of Lee's songs on our Kontakt instrument called 'Polycom'
Stephen Porter

Originally published by Kain Klang Musik , author “Claudia 'Cloudy' Tomaszewski” : Lee Simeone has been blown upon the shores of the electronic frontier through his textured and shimmering sound and his soulful vocals. A sense of peace comes from his singing, with synths accompanying him along the melody in a serene manner... a faint reverb and sugared keys lead me into a world of peaceful dreams and gentle melancholy. Simeone plays his own drums lending his debut album The Dream Weaver a polished live feeling. It was composed by the artist after a track from this album was played at the Tate Gallery in London in 2007. It seems this was a catalyst for this fine album. There is a melodramatic darkness present in this release which seems to play with darkwave thus lending the album its inky ambience. Alone from The Dream Weaver is an amazing example of his ability to deliver sound. Gentle piano rolls in through the introduction while a soft background cadence develops, ranging from a soft shimmer to concrete everyday sounds making for a lush cascade. Little Lost Soul is dark - atmospheric & the artists vivid voice is digitised echoing quietly throughout the melody. The verses you will find in some of the songs are loosely spun with the same emotional intensity in line with his music. Inspired by Jean Michel Jarre's Oxygene Simeone started working on music all throughout his youth taking to electronic music at an early age & has romanced it throughout his life. Roy Harper & Karel Fialka shadowed him enhancing his prolific expression.

Band: Tubal Cain on SIMEONE “A swathe of synth-apocryphal genius. There are no more saints and martyrs... their memory burns in the roaring shadows of Simeone's dark wave aftermath of the war on Modernism... Behold an unquestioned answer to the confused eulogy of pop. Worship or be damned!”

Some gigs that Lee has performed at over the years; here are some flyers, from top left; supporting artist for Bad Manners 7.12.07 / guested on drums for Karel Fialka 29.1.10 / guest artist for Dr. Alex Paterson (aka The Orb) 3.10.08 / Oxfam festival 7.10.11

General Releases:

Best Seat In The Dream - EP 6 tracks [2017] (i-Tunes / vinyl style CD in 7" sleeve) – Vernal Equinox Records

Men at Work - Still Life EP [2014] (12" transparent splattered blue vinyl) – Sony ATV / Vernal Equinox Records

An Introduction To Simeone [2011] (CD / Download mp3 - flac) – Le Coq Musique / Vernal Equinox Records

The Translucent Track [2011] – Download single

The Dream Weaver [2008] vinyl style, CD digipak, out on 5 different colours

Further Information:

Instruments: Drums / Percussion / Synthesizer / Guitar / Bass

Producer, Engineer

• Musically influenced by ambient, electronics, 70s/80s era, film soundtracks. Self-taught drums, keyboards, guitar. Learnt production on broken computers and Moog electronics.

* Arts, film soundtracks, club and concert performances. Simeone has featured with various artists: Gary Asquith (Renegade Soundwave), Karel Fialka, Paul Reynolds (A Flock Of Seagulls), Kevin Mooney (Adam & The Ants), Alan Rear (Search Party / New Musik, Milton Reame-James (Cockney Rebel)

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Carpe Nocturne Magazine - Digital Darkness (Download) – Magic Star, The Translucent Track, Alone, Epica II, Little Lost Soul 2012

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