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• Once More

words & music by ©2016 Lee Simeone

I woke with my back against the wall
Our memories rearrange me in the night
I spy us
I took a fall
From the best seat in the dream
And I saw our memories
As blossom on the stream ~
And I trace your face
In a place I could not sleep
Where I spied your pillow across my night
In a place where we said
Our hands will meet once more
When the clocks turn after the wind

• Star Lane

words & music by ©2014 Lee Simeone

Far across the shadows as you smiled by the mirror
Can you see me in the stars tonight?
The stars tonight
They've vacated heavens gate
To enrapture my soul
Across a soulful space
Directly under
The shinning light of the blue lagoon
And I've been searching
All my life
For someone who cared
For someone who..
Your tears of love exude the fire
In my mind

Enlightening true love
The leavens the heavens
As the dew falls
From your starry eyes of sensation
Reflecting a ravishing life I always wanted

These memories burn on forever
Crystallized memories everlasting
Like diamond's in the sky
My last gift
Of true love
Up there~~

'vision is the art
of seeing what is invisible
to others..'

Jonathan Swift

This following song was written for Hannah Gale (RIP x) . Listen to the demo stage..

• Yours Nocturnally

words & music by ©2013 Lee Simeone

Her potion storms in the room innocently
Clouding my eyes hastily

Her whispers cut through the air
As still as a night owl
Through my clouded mind
A sensational flight
Cheek by jowl
Can you feel me?
Cheek by jowl

I feel the soft pattering of her feet
In a heat wave
Of irresistible passion
With her spirit inflames
Flourishing through my veins
Dancing like a bullet in my heart

No longer mountains between you & I
Just a far future that joined us within

Riding the tide as we gleam & glide
Together decoratively
Across a far sunset sky

Memories left like blossom on the stream~~~


- Taken from a new album project

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