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SIMEONE Live @ Arch 363 supporting Dr. Alex Patterson (The Orb)

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Credits: Alan Rear (for love, influence & support), Karel Fialka (love, magic & inspiration), Ron Strykert (love, musical direction, inspiration), Greg Ham (inspiration - RIP - love forever), Jerry Speiser & John Rees (the rhythm kings - most influential), Dave Cochran (love, influence, light & support), Gary Asquith (love & support), Kevin Mooney (love & musical direction), Shoshanna Strykert, Jana Thomas, Milton Reame-James, Doreen Larman (love, your presence forever here...), Bubsy Larman (love and most of all for believing in me), Roy Harper (for drawing out my world x), Tony & Annie Marchese, Dave Luce, Dave Smith instruments, Arturia, Native Instruments, Ableton, Karen Console (Sony NY), Matthew Kelly (Sony NY), Battery Studios NY, Peter Mcian, The Woman at Work!, Electric Dreams...


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